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Classic Reel 7-9, Year of the Salmon

In light of 2019 being the International Year of the Salmon, Loop Tackle Design have engineered and designed a timeless limited edition ‘Int...
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Evotec G5 Reel

From: £215,00
Our immensely popular and reliable Evotec reel series continues its incredible evolution with a sleek, updated design and several upgraded f...
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Q Reel Spool

From: £55,00
AVAILABLE IN FOUR INCREMENTAL sizes, the excellent new range of LOOP Q fly reel spools are the direct result of a two year project to develo...
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From: £155,00
The all new Q reels are the direct result of a two year project to develop a performance LOOP fly reel at a highly competitive price point.
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Opti Reel

From: £315,00
The Opti fly reel range is available in a variety of diameter sizes and designed for optimized performance for a extensive range of species ...
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Classic Reel

From: £535,00
Beneath the stunning looks of the Classic fly reel is the ultra-modern Power Matrix Drag System. This monstrous braking system will subdue t...
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Evotec G4 Reel

From: £225,00 From: £146,25
Interiorwise a powerhouse, with the strong and yet smooth Power Matrix drag system, and your best bet when the fish of a lifetime hits your ...
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Multi reel

From: £180,00
LOOP have always been known for designing high quality fly reels. With this uppermost in our minds, when we set out to create a series of di...
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